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What happens at Skeleton Rave stays at Skeleton Rave


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Capone prided himself as a man with style. If he ever killed someone himself, or one of his henchmen killed an important person, hundreds of dollars worth of flowers was sent to the funeral. In one fight between Capone’s men and another gang, an innocent woman was shot, not fatally, and required hospital treatment. Capone personally paid for all the hospital fees. He also would pay for all children’s hospital bills when he visited.

Today’s Gender of the Night is: Migi

My fella sketched out this SGC comic, when I asked him what made him sad he said ‘space’
things ants are really good at:


  • being outside
  • being inside
  • being omnipresent
  • doing group projects

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learning to draw is like driving on the highway like yeah sure you need to be watching other people but you REALLY need to focus on your own lane and your own destination or youre gonna follow that stupid fucking minivan all the way to tuskegee and then what. you didnt want to go to tuskegee. why did you follow that van look now youre in fucking tuskegee.

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when someone associates you with a character you really really love it’s like the best feeling in the world everyone go home

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